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The HEROPLUS℠ Program relies on Financial Representative and Registered Investment Advisors to meet with participants and plan sponsors throughout the country. The FP’s/RIA’s develop and design the HEROPLUS℠ plan to meet the needs of the plan sponsors program. They have the ability to meet each individuals needs and understand that everyone has different goals, varying budgets, and a unique tolerance for risk. The capability of these advisors ensures that every fire and EMS department that wants to, can take advantage of HEROPLUS℠.

As your partner, the HEROPLUS℠ program makes it easy for you, the Third Party Administrator (TPA) and your financial professional to work with Lincoln Financial, and an Actuary to create a LOSAP program that is tailored to meet the programs needs. Our turnkey approach helps to ensure a seamless transition to a customized HEROPLUS℠ program that will help the plan sponsor recruit, retain and reward volunteers with confidence. Simply contact your HEROPLUS℠ Representative, who will assist you in bringing the many advantages of the HEROPLUS℠ program to your clients.

Third Party Administrator (TPA) designs the local service agreement, provides compliance services, and general support to the sponsoring agency. Separate TPA fees may apply.

Actuary (defined benefit plans only) determines the required funding needed to meet the plan obligations. Separate actuarial fees may apply.