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Defined Contribution Investment Options


Responsibility for plan investments starts at the plan’s inception when investments are first selected and continues through ongoing monitoring of plan operations and investments. Morningstar Investment Management LLC is designed to help fulfill this responsibility.

Morningstar, who acts as an investment advice fiduciary for ERISA based plans, has agreed to act in the same capacity using the same methodology for the HEROPLUSâ„  program, which will be of significant assistance for those sponsors that may have state fiduciary standards and requirements in sponsoring a LOSAP plan.

  • A rigorous investment selection methodology
  • A customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is consistent with the Ibbotson methodology
  • Investment recommendations from an industry leader
  • Fiduciary responsibility for monitoring investment options and making recommendations regarding selection and deselection.
  • As a plan sponsor, you receive:
  • A hand-picked selection of high-quality investment options
  • Reports that you can use for your own investment due diligence
  • A fiduciary and Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) providing you with ongoing investment advice

HEROPLUS Plan Fee Disclosure - DC