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HEROPLUS℠ Program Advantage


Every community across this country needs strong and sustainable Emergency Services Volunteers to serve their community.


The National LOSAP HEROPLUS PROGRAM provides local communities with an incentive for recruiting and retaining fire and EMS volunteers. It is a known factor that the stress levels and turnover in this type of role are a challenge to every community. Implementing a LOSAP HeroPlus supplemental retirement plan for these home town heroes rewards their service with a tax deferred retirement program for their future.

For the participant, the tax deferred earnings accumulate on a compound basis until withdrawn-providing tax deferred income benefits for retirement years.


The LOSAP HEROPLUS Program brings together a suite of services from several different providers into a single offering to help reduce costs and provide flexibility for both plan sponsors and participants. The program can be customized at the local level to meet the specific needs of the plan sponsor, without having to amend the plan document.

The LOSAP HEROPLUS℠ Program provides the plan document and a comprehensive service model that centers on the plans’ sponsor’s needs, while providing the plan sponsor ongoing access to a team of service providers who can assist with all aspects of the plan.

THE LOSAP HeroPlus program can be implemented as either a Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit.

Defined Contribution Plan (DC)

A defined contribution plan defines the contribution the plan sponsor (sponsoring agency) makes to the participant’s plan. The plan sponsor makes a contribution annually. The plan can be established as either a fixed LOSAP contribution or a variable LOSAP contribution as determined by the plan sponsor. The plan sponsor contribution amount is based on the volunteer’s annual qualifying activity. The contribution is placed in the participant’s LOSAP account. The plan sponsor is responsible only for the contribution amount. The LOSAP participant selects the investment from available investment options. The outcome of the defined contribution LOSAP retirement account is dependent upon the performance of the investments selected by the participant.

Defined Benefit Plan (DB)

A defined benefit plan defines the benefit the participant receives at retirement. The commitment is made by the plan sponsor (sponsoring agency). The retirement payment to the participant is based on a predetermined dollar amount. This fixed dollar amount is paid to the volunteer participant at a specific retirement age, after the participant has met specific qualifications determined by the plan sponsor (e.g., time served, age and active volunteer activities). The plan sponsor is responsible for payment of the LOSAP retirement benefit to the participant. The participant makes no contributions to the defined benefit plan.